Walkabout Creek Adventures offers an unbeatable range of exciting adventures that will make your day unforgettable.

Our Story

Walkabout Creek Adventures was founded in 2016 by Adventurer and Tourism legend, John Sharpe. John had a unique vision to bring his passion for adventure right into the heart of The Gap, to give tourists and locals alike an incredible experience that is unmatched by anywhere else. With its unparalleled location, Walkbout Creek Adventures has easily become one of the top 4 attractions in Brisbane as voted by the public. Walkabout Creek Adventures is a dynamic adventure company dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that are the perfect expression of Queensland’s sun-drenched lifestyle, demonstrated by winning a Bronze award at the highly acclaimed Queensland Tourism Awards in 2017.

Walkabout Creek Adventures strives to educate locals and tourists alike on the nature and wildlife of the area, with a strong focus on protecting our wildlife and to relish the calming environment. Accredited with a Nature Certification by EcoTourism, Walkabout Creek Adventures continues to promote their mission ‘to inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism’.