Come and find your SELF with Juliarna in a Mindful Movement Class at Walkabout Creek while you soak in the beautiful views overlooking the Reservoir. 

“Mindful Movement is all about building Strength and Connection. Strengthening our bodies and our minds. Connecting with our breath, our selves, the trees around us and the people that join us”

The class begins with a guided Mindful Walk as the group meanders along the bushland pathways to the Grassy destination and then begins into a series of movements and poses entailing elements of:
Positive Psychology
Yoga and Breath work
Qigong and Tai Chi
Core Strength,
Postural Awareness
Forest Bathing

Perfect for anyone who wishes to relax and wind down while connecting with nature, all the while building strength and balance in the body and mind.

Available weekly at 9:30am Thursdays & 8:00am Saturdays. Or contact us for a group booking.

Starting from only $15 per class, or in bulk sessions starting at 3 classes for $45!





About Juliarna
Juliarna is passionate about inspiring people to slow down and connect with their own innate sense of purpose and belonging. She strives to support every individual in her class connect with the wilderness around them and focuses on helping them find a sense of accomplishment in their own progress toward greater physical and personal empowerment.

Juliarna went to her first yoga class when she was 6 and has had an ongoing fascinated by Yoga’s ability to make the ‘everything seem ok’ ever since. She is trained in Mindfulness techniques and has undergone many courses in Tai Chi, Qigong and Positive Psychology.